Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sum Tin Har or Lydia Sum has passed away

Almost all the South-East Asian Chineses know who Fei Jeh or Sum Tin Har is. Her name is Lydia Sum and is so famous for her cheerful and always matronly role in Hongkong movies and series. When she has stopped acting, she was the one who often grace events and is the live wire of most concerts. I would say that she is the tai kar jeh or godmama of the entertainment arena in Hongkong. When she talks, people listen. She has respect like none others.

So, rest in peace, Fei Jeh. Your absence will be greatly felt by all. Even those of us who hardly know you.

HONG KONG: Actress and comedian Lydia Sum has passed away in hospital, according to Hong Kong media reports.

She was 60 years old.

The popular Hong Kong celebrity had been suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure, among other illnesses.

In 2002, an inflammation of her bile duct placed her in hospital, where 36 gallstones were extracted.

Subsequently in 2006, Sum was diagnosed with cancer, and had part of her liver removed.

The veteran actress, known affectionately to her fans as "Fei Fei", had been criticised by the Hong Kong media for worsening her medical condition by consuming certain foods against doctors' orders.


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