Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Edison Chen did kiss Gillian Chung in those photos!

I picked up some random blog which is so shitty it is not worth mentioning. But this stupid blogger posted that Edison Chen is not a good kisser. She said none of the photos she saw has any shots of Edison kissing any one of those girls, i.e. Cecelia Cheung, Bobo Chan, Gillian Chung, Maggie Q, Vincy Cheung or the others.

Didn't she know that Edison Chen did kiss Gillian Chung other 'mouth'? Nay, the one with the moustache? Oh no, those are call beards. LOL. So, yes, Edison Chen is a good kisser. Frankly, I think of all the women, at least Gillia Chung can walk tall and say, hey, I got licked by Edison Chen.

Talking about Edison Chen, the latest about Edison Chen is he is now afraid of returning to Hongkong because he is afraid of being dead. Edison Chen is a dead man now because gangsters are threatening his life. Check out the post Edison Chen is dead.

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