Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Will you buy gold for me?

You is once again, the season of giving. When people are extra generous and they want to buy something for their loved ones. So why not buy gold and make the special people in your life the happiest?

Gold lasts an eternity. It doesnt rust nor become out of fashion. It stays precious and will always be kept as a memory of the giver.

Moreover the price keep going up or is always stable. So, what can be a better choice than buying gold for your loved ones? Check out the link and see how you can buy gold and keep them as investment as well.

Next movie to watch is Yogi Bear

Recently, a new Cinemax opens near my house and we had been watching a lot of movies. The last two were Megamind and Rapunzel.

Both Megamind and Rapunzel had been most entertaining and I love Megamind more than Rapunzel.

There are several trailers but I think I want to catch Yogi Bear because the 3D effects are awesome. There are other movies like Justin Bieber in 3D and Narnia but give me Yogi. He is so adorable.

Rapunzel - not quite the weak princess

I watched Rapunzel in 3D yesterday and I am glad they no longer put her as the weak and frail princess waiting for her prince.

Overall, it is a humourous funny movie with lots of action. What I like most is the horse Maximus. Oh I just love it's attitude!

The graphics are breath taking as well. When the butterfly flies, I could almost touch it with my hands. Of course it is just a 3D movie.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Is there endless supply of gold?

Everyone seems to buy gold bars nowadays. My friend just called me to tell me about the fantastic idea of buying gold because she said the prices are stable and escalating. So, with all the expensive properties prices plus all the risks of other investment, she said she will keep buying gold.

Many people are into buying gold and I wonder if one day we can deplete the supply of gold. What if it becomes extinct? Can such things happen?

My friend told me not to be silly because when people buy it, they also sell it so that means the stock is more or less the same but the demand increases so prices increases too. That is to say that we are having the same amount of gold floating around but selling at different prices, right?


I just looked closely at some photos of a woman. She is of course someone very famous but much hated for her perceived haughtiness. We heard she has a rule where reporters aren't suppose to take her photos under hot sun.

Well....I didn't know that and did take photos of her using my zoom lens in the hot midday sun.

I found there are parts of her face which have little groove. It is like a nip tuck gone bad. But my friends told me botox can create the same kind of problem as well.

Oh well...