Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gillian Chung is fine with sex photos

With her innocent Twins band mate Charlene Choi sitting by her side, Gillian read her statement which lasted just one minute.

‘The scandal has been a great deal of hurt for me and the people around me. I was naive and foolish in the past (admitting to it indirectly) but I am already a grown-up now. I would like to thank my manager, company, family and friends for their support. I’m sorry for the trouble that it has caused to the society. I will work even harder and bravely face up to my life in future. I also thank the media for their concern and fans for their unwavering support.’

She didn’t look sad as she read her statement and wore a smile on her face. Her fans in the background cheered in unison, “Support You! Support You!”

(source : http://blogadsite.wordpress.com/2008/02/11/gillian-chung-i-was-very-naive-foolish/)

Watch Gillian Chung video here :

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