Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Edison Chen suicide bid by starvation? Hilarious!

I picked up this story on Edison Chen suicide bid and find it so funny that a grown man whom had screwed so many women is taking the easy way out of trying to avoid food. Like he is going to die so easily. Really.....if you are depressed, so what? You cause the shits to hit the fans so now, you clear it up. There is no easier way out than that.

Hongkong star Edison Chen in suicide bid claim

HONG KONG heartthrob Edison Chen has reportedly attempted suicide after partially nude images of him with several starlets started circulating in the Internet.

China Press said yesterday that the singer-actor became depressed over the issue and avoided food lately.

He had also reportedly confined himself to his home in the United States, where he fled to after the controversy erupted.

The daily said Chen’s image hit rock bottom after the scandal came to light. Several companies which had sought Chen’s endorsement for their products have also terminated their contracts with the star.

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