Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gennifer Flowers to reveal sexy tapes with Bill

Did you hear about the lastest scandal? Gennifer Flowers, one of Bill Clinton's many girlfriends are going to auction off the tapes of conversations she had with Bill Clinton when they were having an affair.

Some years back, Gennifer Flowers have leaked that she had some form of love affair with Bill Clinton. Here's something sex part Gennifer Flowers had with Bill Clinton, taken from Wikipedia.

In his autobiography My Life, Clinton acknowledged testifying under oath that he had sexual relations with Flowers on one occasion only. When Flowers learned of it, she went public again to tell her side.

She published her memoir Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal in 1995. In it she confessed a sexual naïveté at the time of her relationship with Clinton ("The first time he [climaxed during oral sex], I was taken aback. I was saving that for my husband, if ever. But Bill was gentle and held me after.").[citation needed] She posed nude for Penthouse magazine during this period and was featured in the December 1992 issue along with her story "Gennifer Flowers Tells All, Shows All".

Oooh...our little darling Gennifer Flowers had her first oral sex with the President of the United States? Hmmm...I wonder if we can believe that?

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