Thursday, February 28, 2008

Britney Spears is pregnant with a Muslim Adnan Ghalib's baby!

My friend told me this news earlier and I couldn't believe her because I thought Britney Spears is in some centre to deal with her mental problems. In fact, I just heard during the Oscars telecast that Britney Spears just have the chance to see her two babies after being separated for a long time. Being that screwed, and now she has gone ahead to have a baby with Adnan Ghalib? Adnan Ghalib is a Moslem and that makes Britney Spears's baby a Muslim too? How is that possible?

But it is all over the news now so I guess it must be true. Otherwise, people won't be talking about it. You would think that she would have some decency to remain stable before thinking of more responsibilities of being a mother, don't you? Being a mother is such a huge task and I hope she handles it well.

Maybe she ought to get back in shape after all these pregnancies and start singing again. Otherwise, people will think of her as a baby machine instead of a singer. I would recommend Britney Spears to get fit with some gym like what I see on this site selling medical supplies. They have so many things for pregnant moms too.

So, who wants to bet? Is Britney Spears really pregnant?

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