Sunday, November 23, 2008

A degree in contemporary music

A friend's son is taking a degree in contemporary music in a university overseas. Meanwhile, she is so free at home and wish to take up a degree course on those university online. She told me she is bored staying at home without much to do as her husband travels a lot while her son is in overseas.

It is fine for her cos she is so rich and can afford to pay for the fees. She told me she let her son take sup contemporary music because of his interests. There are vast opportunities for this and she hopes he makes it someday as a musician. Meanwhile, I asked her what course is she thinking of pursuing. She told me she hasn't decide yet.

I asked her to share with me the brochure or URL so that I too can consider if I want to study again when my children are grown up. I also hope to keep on studying so that my brain does not get rusty.

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