Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cher is still on Las Vegas shows?

This woman, Cher seems to be ageless. When I was a kid, she was already performing. I still remember her show on TV call Sonny and Cher. If I am not mistaken, Sonny has died many years ago. Anyway, they were divorced for a long time already.

However, Cher is still going on strong on the Las Vegas Shows. Her long black hair and her face still looks the same. I wonder how much plastic surgery has she poured into her face to be the timeless beauty?

The thing is, her voice too still remain the same. So, what has she been doing to keep herself still in the entertainment industry after so many decades? There are very few women who are like Cher who seems never to grow old. They wear the same style of dresses and the same style of hair. The other example is Tina Turner. She too never gets old.

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