Friday, May 09, 2008

The coincidence

I think the stars are aligned well and things are going so well. He caught me by surprise when he called my name. I am not over the moon but rather, I freaked out! I went, OMG, how da hell he knows me?

And in my heart, I wonder how long he has been reading the craps I dished out? A month, several months, just recently?

Whatever it is, he said he loves my thoughts. He said it is fine that I can be too AK47 sometimes. He prefer it that way than having hypocrites who acted all innocent in front of him.

So, blogging has taken on a new meaning when you know there is someone who is reading your thoughts. You have that secret happiness that you cannot share and yet, you cannot keep it hidden.

It doesn't matter. He knows my name. I am happy. And he knows my fears too.

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