Saturday, April 05, 2008

Pimp My Ride - Dodge Truck Radiator

It is a pity that nowadays, the show Pimp My Ride is no longer on TV. I love that show. It is a little bit like Cinderella where they turn the pumpkin into a horse carriage. However in Pimp My Ride, what they did is to take old junks of a car and made it into the most fantastic ride.

I enjoy watching how they transform a rusty tin into a gleaming car. I wish there are people like the Pimp My Ride to transform my car into that too. I bet they must spent a lot of money to do those works on the car.

If you have an old Dodge and has problems finding car parts for your Dodge, you may want to check out this site which has Dodge Truck Radiator. They claim their company to be the biggest supplier of all radiators.

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