Thursday, April 17, 2008

Madonna's husband wants 'cookie' and not sex

LOL, when I read the news, it is like Madonna is talking about her son. But wait, her husband Guy Ritchie is indeed young enough to be her son. So, the news I read is that Guy Ritchie went on some diet call the Cookie Diet and he sort of lost libido. Oh wait, I didn't read if he lost libido because of the cookie diet or because of Madonna.

The 800-calorie-a-day diet — reportedly tried by Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson — did help Richie drop the pounds.

"He did lose weight, but he didn't really need to lose that much weight. I think he did it because all his friends were doing it and he wanted to see if he could do it."

Sanford Siegal, the doctor who created the Cookie Diet way back in 1975, responded Monday to Madonna's comments, saying that he has "treated more than 500,000 patients" and he "can't recall any of them reporting a similar effect on their sexual appetite."

He added, "In the case of my cookies, they taste good enough but I can't imagine anyone preferring them to sex."
(source : FOXNews)

By the way, I do not know why ads for teeth whitening pops up at the mention of Madonna's name? Everyone knows she had her teeth done to get celebrity smile, don't they?


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