Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eek, the Tree Man freaks me out

Have you seen the photo of the Tree Man? Eekkk..I just took a little glance and my skin crawls. I don't know. I can view movies featuring all those monsters and stuffs but when told this is a real man with real growth that looks like a tree bark, I totally freaked out.

You can find the story on most of the news online and see DeDe, an Indonesian man with the warts. He really looks like part of a green forest monster. I pity him for living in this condition but I am glad that he is now in USA and doctors say they may be able to find a cure for him.

Nowadays, there are so many of these weird diseases and all the more we should be concerned about the environment we live in. So, folks, remember to care for the envinronment. Recycle. If you need to look up any midwest auto recycling directory, they are on the web too. Let's cut down on all the thrash we dumped upon Mother's Nature and hopefully no one has to suffer like the Tree Man.

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