Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Holy Shit! Now Joey Yung also in Edison Chen's photos?

I know that Maggie Q has been implicated with all the other women but I just found a Chinese News that says Joey Yung too is part of the concubines that happily posed for cassnova Edison Chen. I cannot believe it but I cannot read Mandarin.

So I have to make do with guessing the news.

Kahkahkah, courtesy of Babel fish:

Hong Kong Gao Deng discusses the area, some people emitted Chen Guanxi obscenely to illuminate.

According to the Hong Kong local news this exposure event altogether included Maggie Q, Stephy, Zhou Li Qi, Zhang Baizhi, Rosanne, Xiao Yaxuan, Xie Kaishan, Cai Yilin, Zhong Xintong, Chen Wenyuan but the present Hong Kong that side only exposes 3 individual other temporarily not to have the public estimate rumour too to tighten that person temporarily to vanish Chen to play such many women also to calculate has original story all pictures all to originate from his handset he the handset now on in the issue picture manpower.

Most recent news: Hong Kong travels together reports inside material ~~~ also to have Yu Wenle, CGX, Ajiao's 3P illuminates, my day (I thought 3P has very generally rate! Very simple truth: Chen Guanxi pats for Ajiao KJ that fourth company, completely illuminates from third party's angle! ! ! This cannot look? )

First 3 charts which blows out, most newly by the exposure is Rong Zuer, according to most recent news Maggie Q picture 火暴, therefore finally is published!

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